Hot Glass Workshops

Furnace workshops and other kinds of hot glass!

Glass Manifesto is running a series of amazing workshops which will range in skill level from beginner through to intermediate skills. It is hot, exciting, overwhelming and fun.

Unless otherwise stated (with an asterix*) all workshops are tailored towards the absolute beginner - no experience necessary. Most workshops are a one day experience. All supplies, refreshments are included. Due to demand we offer these classes on a first paid-first in basis. Scroll down for more information.

Due to some difficulties with our booking site we cannot take bookings externally - please contact Anne for more information!

Hot Glass Introduction

This exciting furnace workshop allows you access to a dangerous, hot and wonderful material called hot glass.

Intermediate Skills

Experience is necessary, either from our studio or another. Finally you get to call yourself a glassblower...well maybe.

Hot Glass Club

Why not satisfy your need to know how everything is made. And then try it for yourself.

Danger Sessions

For those who are time poor but experience rich. An experimental session from the furnace. Interview required.

Dates by Appointment

$700 (subject to change)

Beginners Paperweights - Hot Glass Introduction

No experience necessary. A must for anyone who loves hot glass. This delightful class will take you through the many and varied steps necessary to complete a series of five paperweights. You will learn how to manipulate colours and shapes and design features.

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2019 Dates:

July 28

Spring Dates TBC

Beginners Glassblowing  - Intermediate Skills

Experience is necessary, either from our studio or another. Talk to us about your level of skill at the furnace.  This class will take you through the many steps necessary to complete a series of objects. You will make a bauble, tumbler, bowl and a plate.

August 4 2019

Glass Bizurcus: Teamwork*

Can you imagine working as a team making the most wonderful convoluted obects of complexity? Well so can we. Anne invites you back for a closer look at furnace glass. You must have previous ‘hot shop’ experience. Not for the sensitive or faint hearted. This class is offered only to those who have satisfactorily demonstrated mental and physical competency, an ability to listen and follow instructions as well as a sense of humour - you'll need it. 

Please discuss your suitability with us if you are considering joining this class.  This class also contains Studio Assistant Skills Basics in case you are ever called upon to earn a living from your passion.

Danger Sesh

A shorter more firey experience tailored to suit the participants. No longer do you need basic skills in hot glass. We cast, we blow, we'll set things on fire - all in one afternoon! Outcome not assured but a great time is. This is an anytime booking. At least two weeks notice required.

Supervised Practice Sessions 

Have you done a hot glass workshop with us before? These supervised practice sessions are on Wednesday evenings and Sunday days or by special arrangement.

Please note: this is not further training; these sessions are designed to consolidate the skills already learned.

Blown your own bauble!

No experience necessary! This is Glass Manifestos thank you to you for supporting us. We get you in the workshop, choosing the colours and blowing the form. As you will understand as a raw beginner we cannot get you gather your own glass, but once the glass is on the blowing iron you will be shaping and blowing your very own bauble!

Hot Glass Club

This series of workshops are designed for the beginner with some hot glass experience. Each session is three hours and will be run with a minimum of two students.

These tutorials help increase your palette of hot glass skills. Sorry this asterix* means you have to have completed the glass blowing to do these workshops.

These workshops will hone your skills and get you looking at creating your own practice.

The skills here can also be practiced in the Supervised Practice sessions.


The most simple and effective way of making sculpture in glass. We use olivine sand and carbon to create an impression and then fill it with molten glass.

Warning – there is a design element to this class. We will sit down with you and work out the best way to concrete your ideas. Pencil skills are not needed but a willingness to ‘draw it first’ attitude will assist.

Cane Making

Taking those skills one step further and making your own cane and basic murrine - perfect for those people who also are kilnformers and flameworkers.

Candle Holders

Really just a press mold workshop with a twist! (very popular!) We will use hot glass and coloured powders to make a series of press molded candle holders.

Small Sculptures - with add-ons.

A tricky little workshop where it all comes together at the end! A great combination with the cane making. We use previously made components and learn how to use the flame and glory hole to put it keep adding! We can also tailor this class for those interested in encalmo.

Coloured Votive Holders*

What colours will you choose?  A whole session on making votive holders (also known as tumblers) in all the colours of the rainbow. This is a discipline workshop, designed to teach you colour and size control. Very useful for those wishing to go into production.

Perfume Bottles*

Not exactly in the style of Givenchy but these charming little fellas make the perfect accompaniment on any dressing table. (Even the staff do this one) We will show you stoppers and necks and how to create volume and colour.


We teach you simple ways of using your skills to make vessels for drinking - perfect for celebrating! We show you a variety of ways of making the bowl and stems. Everyone loves their first goblets...those wayward forms.

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