Hot Glass Workshops

Supervised Hire

Anne will oversee your use of the equipment while you practice, practice, practice.

Danger Sessions

For those who are time poor but experience rich. An experimental session from the furnace. Interview required. 

Dates by Appointment

Danger Sesh 

A shorter more firey experience tailored to suit the participants. No longer do you need basic skills in hot glass. We cast, we blow, we'll set things on fire - all in one afternoon! Outcome not assured but a great time is. 

This is an anytime booking. At least two weeks notice required. 

2.5 hours as a single session. Minimum 1  - Maximum 4 attendants. $700

Supervised Practice Sessions 

Have you done a hot glass workshop with us before? These supervised practice sessions are on Monday and Friday evenings and Sunday days or by special arrangement.

Please note: this is not further training; these sessions are designed to consolidate the skills already learned.

Minimum 2 hours

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