The (w)hole bead

Welcome to The (w)hole Bead!

This is survey of all the different types and colours that I could put together over a 19 year practice of pulling furnace beads. it's a bit of fun in this drear world.

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Last updated 1:38pm 17.08.21

Caneworks beads

These beads use the design that is left on the iron when the transfer happenes when making the Caneworks Vases. A wonderful way of using the fascinating pattern that Peter has developed over 15 years.


Layers of canes and clear glass go into the making of this modern version of an ancient trade bead. There are multiples available (please ask Anne)

Chevron Pairs

These Chevrons have been cut extra thin so that they can be worn comfortably as earrings. These were the very first beads of this series made in 2004. $80 per pair

Tumbled beads

These beads are a version of my Latticino beads but have been tumbled to give a soft smooth finish. Perfect size for earrings. $20 per pair