The Creative Partnership of Anne Clifton and Peter Bowles

Peter Bowles is recognised as one of Australia’s finest makers. Renowned for his technical mastery, his inventive approach to his craft and a dedication to a practice that spans object making, contemporary craft and public art.

A prolific and fastidious artist, he has exhibited, lectured, researched and made work throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Anne Clifton brings with her an unparalleled enthusiasm and a sense of wonder to her work. Her innate curiosity drives her practice as a glass artist, and has taken her throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA.

Her commitment, vision and deep regard for community engagement have positioned her as a significant member of the international studio glass movement.

Combined, Peter and Anne work as Glass Manifesto – as much an idea as it is a working studio.  Situated in NorthernTasmania, Glass Manifesto has earned worldwide acclaim as one of Australia’s leading independent glass studios and gallery.  Anne and Peter produce an extraordinary range of unique and exquisitely made contemporary glass work for the discerning collector.  

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