Teaching, Training and Professional Development

One of the most rewarding aspects of my practice is that of having the opportunity to teach. 

Recent Teaching positions

  • Bangkok Glass Studio - Master of the Training Program 2018. A three week intensive skills and creative practice development program.
  • China Academy of Art  - Guest Artist December 2017. A three week teaching program at one of China's most prestigious Schools of Art.
  • ACAD - Sessional Lecturer in Glass. A semester long teaching session at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Canada.

Teaching History

My professional practice as an artist is interspersed with periods of teaching and training. I regard it as both a critical aspect of my practice and personally hugely rewarding. My teaching spans Academic Lecturing, Professional training and development and also Avocaisional teaching. Each brings a particular set of skills and approaches and all are underpinned by my passion for transferring knowledge and creating the best possible experiences for engagement, learning and development. A summary of my teaching experience as follows:


  • Lecturer in Glass - China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
  • Lecturer in Glass - Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) Calgary, Canada
  • Lecturer in Glass - Curtin University, Western Australia


  • Master of the Training program, BG Glass Studio, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Glass Manifesto Workplace Training program – A Government approved training program for International Glassmaking trainees (from Canada and Japan)
  • Production Trainer numerous studios throughout Australia
  • Production Trainer at Bristol Blue Glass UK
  • Ausglass International Conference demonstrations – Canberra and Perth


  • Public Access Workshops - Glass Manifesto studio, Western Australia and Tasmania
  • PublicAccess Workshops - Curtin University

A Brief Teaching Philosophy

My role as an educator is twofold - to deliver the technical resourcesstudents need to manifest their ideas, and to support the unfolding personalrelationship that students have to both glass as a creative material and theircreative practice as both maker and artist.

I create a safe working environment in which students can engage withthe material and processes at a level commensurate to their confidence andskill. Patience is key at these initial stages and I have developed numerousteaching methods to guide students through their own learning. Maintaining thatsense of wonder and engagement despite the technical challenges is foremost inthese initial explorations of glassblowing and I endeavour to create rich andrewarding experiences for all involved.

Whilst I maintain the emphasis of teaching on the practicalpossibilities of glass, there is an underpinning dialogue that urges studentsto consider their own personal, philosophical and/or political relationship tothe process as a source for creative expression and development. There isalways consideration to explore why we are making the work we do.

I strive to arm students with the confidence in themselves and their capabilities to take conscious risks in the spirit of true open-ended research and investigation. To maximise the incredible opportunity that being a studentis, and to eek every morsel of richness from their own investigations and those of their peers. I encourage sideways learning, sharing of information and Istrive to create a supportive environment for strong and insightful peersupport.

As a teacher I have the patience to support students with their transitional frustrations of dealing with the material and I have an innate enthusiasm for both the material and the process that drives me to draw the very best out of the students. I take immense pleasure in seeing the unfolding grasp that students gain with their practice and the confidence that brings.

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